Ballet “Romeo & Juliet” – Sergei Prokofiev

Romeo and JulietBallet in three acts

Libretto by Roudolf Kharatian, based on the play by William Shakespeare

Choreography & staging by Roudolf Kharatian

Ballet staging “Romeo and Juliet” by S. Prokofiev was launched in 2010 with the assistance of RA Ministry of Culture and by the joint initiative of the administration and the general choreographer of Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre, Rudolf Kharatyan.

“Romeo and Juliet” ballet by Rudolf Kharatyan is an up to date staging. It completely rests upon the classical ballet, yet the obvious intention to enrich choreographic language is also traced. The script by Kharatyan stands out of numerous interpretations of the ballet. The ballet has a contemporary concept, while the epoch is not defined. According to the idea the props and the costumes of the staging must resemble Verona of XVI century, at the same time they have to convey a sense of modern times. All of this is presented through the plot development, where the choreography serves to reveal emotional changes the characters undergo.


Romeo – Ruben Muradyan, Juliet – Jacqueline Sarkhoshyan, Tybalt – Narek Martirosyan, Mercutio – Arman Balmanukyan, Paris – Aharon Petrosyan, Benvolio – Garik Babelyan, Lady Capulet – Sona Arustamyan, Capulet – Zaven Harutunyan, Juliet’s Nurse – Irina Mkrtumyan, Montague – Garush Khunyan, Friar Lawrence – Hrach Hovhannisyan, Prince of Verona – Hrach Hovhannisyan.