Mer Bak / Our Yard 1

Mer Bak 1It is a kind and funny, touching and sad, very intimate story about us – the Yerevan citizens, about our life within our city and Our Yard. This musical comedy is a story about life of a typical Yerevan yard with its tiny “household” intrigues, street fightings, love stories and distinctive kindness.

Among the film characters there are a house-manager who is constantly got by the house residents, a neighbor-gossip, letting nothing to pass by, a boring and weird bachelor who loves to read and quote the read; a loser-painter, a gentle official and many others. The relations between the heroes are complicated and often strained, but when new comers are to settle in the yard, all the “neighbors” leaving the squabbles behind began to protect each other, striving to preserve the spirit and traditions of their own yard.