The Fiancé from Circus

“The Fiancé from Circus” is the story of a veterinary Narek (Hovhannes Azoyan), who is in love with a girl, a daughter of an ambassador. The hero visits the girl’s family at a country cottage to get acquainted with her parents. He brings his favorite Mickey monkey with him and tries to put it out of sight of the ambassador and his wife. But everything goes out of control: a hilarious incident happens involving the ambassador, secret services, Narek and Mickey monkey. This amusing and tangled story full of adventures seems to have unhappy ending for everyone, yet the concurrence of circumstances helps the heroes avoid misfortune and makes the lost love and happiness be found again.

It is a movie starring with Hovhannes Azoyan, Serge Avedikian, Rozie Avetisova, Vivien Bastajyan, Samvel Sargsyan, Narek Dourian, Sos Janibekyan and others.